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Founded by Alyn Peden and Alasdair Crawford, Auxilium IT Consultancy combine 30+ years of experience in IT to deliver high quality services to their clients. Auxilium ITC are technical specialists with extensive experience in Small, Medium and Enterprise deployments across a wide range of sectors.

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At Auxilium, we focus on providing the very best solutions on the market to our customers while forging partnerships.The goals are the same – integrity, transparency and value. We’re led by technology – not sales. Our vendors see and share these qualities. We often work alongside our Partners professional services teams as they value our experience and knowledge.

Our Founders


Alyn Peden, Co-Founder and Director

Alyn’s passion for IT started at a very young age. Encouraged by his father, Alyn spent his childhood building computers (his first was a ZX spectrum) and has many fond memories of playing Manic Miner.

After leaving school to study computing at college, Alyn’s first role was on an IT Service Desk, where he gained his first vendor qualification. From the service desk, he quickly moved up through the traditional IT ranks of Level 2 and 3. His work became more project-based after moving into a Consultancy role. This led to Contracting and ultimately started Auxilium.

Now with 15 years’ experience in IT, he is as eager as when he first started to continue working within a rapidly changing industry and provide real value to customers. When he’s not geeking out on technology, he can be found on the golf course. He admits that his handicap has suffered with age, but still talks the same game he was once capable of playing.


Alasdair Crawford, Co-Founder and Director

As a young boy, Alasdair had a keen interest in technology. During the mid-70s, his father oversaw the installation of the first mini computer at the local council. This sparked a realisation of the value and future held within new technology.

Alasdair’s journey into IT began with creating programs which addressed the needs of friends who ran clubs and businesses. While at college, he worked part-time for several computer companies before taking up a full-time role building a PC division for a local computer business.

In the 90s, Alasdair founded his own business, which quickly grew and just before the millennium was purchased by their biggest client to bring the skill in-house. He was engaged with many projects before being approached for a consultant role at another company. Working alongside many other professionals as a consultant and contractor led him to look into pulling people together and starting a company focused on technology and business solutions. This was the beginning of Auxilium.

With 30 years’ of IT experience and more to come, the current challenges still hold the same interest as they did the first time he sat in front of a computer. Outside of work, Alasdair enjoys mountain biking and open water swimming, as well as fundraising for various charities.

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