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Despite all the great work that charities do around the world, as a sector, charities are falling behind in digitally transforming their services.

According to the latest (2019) edition of the Charity Digital Skills Report, less than half of charities have a digital strategy in place. Of those that do, over half are yet to embark on digital transformation. The report further shows that less than a quarter have a clear strategy for how digital can help achieve their charity’s goals.

In our modern world where digital is the accepted normal, charities’ lack of digital expertise means they are missing out on many opportunities including fundraising, delivery strategies, and their influence on policymakers and the media. They are also burdened with higher costs and are missing out on valuable insights almost certainly hidden in their vast collections of data.

How digital transformation could make a difference

Of the charities that do have a digital strategy in place, the vast majority (92%) anticipate seeing positive results within a year. Yet some of the smaller charities have yet to publish a website and their only digital presence is Facebook. Here are just some of the ways in which digital transformation could make a real difference.

Saving time and money

The lack of modern digital tools means that many charity workers are swamped by repetitive administrative tasks and spend multiple hours gathering and assembling data. Such tasks could be delegated to automated systems which would perform them far more rapidly and accurately, freeing workers time for more productive and rewarding front line tasks helping people.


Cashless donations are more effective in fundraising than cash payments. A large proportion of people nowadays rarely carry cash. Cashless donation points allow people to tap and donate to many different charities and are proving highly effective. Crowdfunding platforms are another fundraising innovation from which many charities are benefiting.

Cloud and data services

There is a wealth of cloud services that charities can access free of charge. Why pay for on-premises computing power you don’t need? Managed databases, machine learning, and big data analytics can make a real impact on your charity and won’t cost you anything but time.

Developing a digital strategy

Wherever you are heading, and there are many different goals you might be aiming for, you can only start from where you are now. The first step in developing any future strategy is to understand where you are today. Once you have done that you decide where you want to be tomorrow and how you intend to get there.

A mix of analogue and digital?

Almost certainly your day to day operations will include a mixture of analogue and digital processes. Identify those that could be digitised.

Plan for the future

Set out your digital vision for the future.

Partners can help

Nobody expects you to have the necessary digital skills to transform your charity, so reach out for partners who do and would be happy to help you.

However far your digital strategy has progressed, for instance, if you already digitally transformed your charity, or if you are yet to launch an effective website, we are happy to become your IT partner and help you embrace digital technology and cloud solutions.

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