Information Security

A holistic, proactive approach to information security to give you confidence to manage information throughout its lifecycle.

Managing information through its entire life cycle from generation through application to its final destruction or archive is a complex process with many constraints, regulations and governance.

Any mistakes or breaches along the route are likely to be costly. Not only do they compromise your business confidentiality, but they also threaten both your customers and your reputation, while risking severe legal penalties.

Taking a holistic, proactive approach to information security

We pressure test every aspect of your information management system to protect all attack surfaces including physical, software, network, internet of things and human. The aim is to ensure your total system is invulnerable to attack so that you have full confidence to manage information throughout its life cycle.

Attack surfaces

Digital attack surface

A digital attack surface is everything outside the firewall. This might include your corporate website and servers, hidden legacy assets and websites, and malicious infrastructures and spoofs such as apps and websites that mimic your brand.

Software attack surface

Your software attack surface includes all the functions and code running on your system that could be accessible to an unauthorised user. Any function with a known or unknown security flaw is an attack vector that can be exploited to gain deeper access.

Network attack surface

A network attack surface includes all vulnerabilities in connected hardware and software that might be accessed by unauthorised users. Exploitation is usually through remote access, possibly through VPNs and P2P, which circumvent intrusion prevention measures.

Physical attack surface

The physical attack surface includes all devices that might be vulnerable to physical access at the same location. It could involve accessing data through a USB device through to physical theft of a hard drive. Security measures typically minimise the surface area and provide breach detection and intrusion protection systems.

Internet of Things (IoT) attack surface

The IoT has innate vulnerabilities. There is the danger that an IoT device may be compromised and used to infiltrate the network. Hardcoded and default passwords are an obvious target; the lack of adequate compute power to implement strong security is another.

Human attack surface

All systems are vulnerable to human negligence, phishing attacks, and insider threats. Employee security training and surveillance help reduce the surface.

Unknown unknowns

The most dangerous security threats are often the unknown unknowns; in other words, new attack behaviours and vectors that standard methods of detection and prevention miss. Our proactive approach is based on a deep understanding of the entire threat landscape and the applications and tools such as network traffic analysis. We proactively identify and neutralise potential attacks before they occur.

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