Private Cloud

A private cloud service is similar to that of a public cloud service, with the difference being that it’s tailored for a single organisation.

Cloud computing provides computing resources on demand. Such resources include storage, servers, databases and a wide range of functionalities offered as a service, for instance, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), communications as a service (CaaS) and many more. The provider maintains such systems and the user can access them on any connected device such as a computer or smartphone. Cloud computing is scalable. There is no need for users to invest in sophisticated hardware; they pay only for the resources they use.

While many users rely on public clouds where resources are shared amongst multiple users, this is not the best solution for some enterprises which have special needs. An alternative model is an infrastructure known as a private cloud, which the service provider operates exclusively for a single organisation. A third model is a hybrid cloud, which consists of an amalgam of both public and private clouds.

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While private clouds provide all the advantages of public clouds,  including scalability and self-service, they also offer the additional benefit of being tailored to the specific requirements and goals of an individual organisation. As the environment is dedicated to the organisation, you do not share resources with any other users. There are many good reasons why a private cloud might be the preferred option. For instance, security risks associated with a public cloud might exceed a businesses risk threshold; there might be regulatory or security requirements that a public cloud would fail to meet.

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Some of the advantages of a private cloud include:

Greater flexibility

Rather than being constrained by the set features of a public cloud, private cloud services can be customised to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Improved security

As you do not share resourced with other users, a private cloud is physically isolated at all computational and storage layers. The physical separation removes any danger of data leakage or penetration.

Better performance

As resources are dedicated and not shared, a private cloud offers performance advantages

High scalability

A private cloud provides user self-service, scalability, the ability to use and configure virtual machines, and call on computing resources as required


While private cloud solutions are often considered to be more expensive than the public cloud, this isn’t necessarily the case. With some models, a private cloud can be the less expensive option.

When you should choose a private cloud

Does your business involve any of the following- processing sensitive data – working in a  highly regulated sector such as finance – specialist advanced technologies and infrastructure – robust security and systems control requirements –  a need for performance advantages over the public cloud? If you answer yes to any of these, a private cloud could be your optimum solution.

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