Project Management

As leaders in technology, we can drive business goals, unlock opportunities, optimise processes and uncover significant cost savings.

Do your project teams need help? Do you need more project management resources than are available currently? Are you failing to deliver business requirements on time? Have you hit a bottleneck that you can’t resolve due to lack of capacity, knowledge, experience, or other logistical challenges?

Providing the support you need

If you answer positively to any of these questions, then Auxilium’s project management support services are there to provide you with the support you need. As leaders in data centres and networks, our project support teams have experience in providing winning solutions in many diverse environments.

Help throughout the project journey

Every project passes through multiple stages during its route from initiation to closure. We can work with you at any stage of your project journey, including:

Project initiation

Project initiation is vital to your project's success. We can work with your project team to help you fill any experience and knowledge gaps so that you can plan the project efficiently.

Project planning

While every stage is vital, your project plan laying out all your goals, milestones, targets and budgets will determine your likelihood of success, delivering all agreed objectives on time and to budget. We can help identify any gaps and work with you to circumvent them.


Project bidding processes can be complicated and time-consuming. Large multi-client government and European projects require months of preparation, and any error can throw your bid off course. We can work with you to identify and fix potential problems.

Project execution

Once your customer has agreed to go ahead, it’s time for the hard work to begin. If your project team is working on-premises or remotely, you will need the latest tools to keep everyone in touch and on track. Our data centre and cloud computing services can help keep your project on track.

Monitoring and control

Our experience with the latest project management and control tools can help you keep on top of your project deliverables, timelines and schedules.

Risk Management

Our team can undertake a risk assessment of your project. This includes identification of potential bottlenecks and other delaying factors, analysis of possible known and unknown unknowns, and potential touchpoints with your customers.

Project closure

Finishing and signing off the project is an important task that demands attention. Assembling the necessary documentation, success analysis, and identification of future opportunities and follow-ons are vital. We can help you with this crucial step.

Driving your business goals

We can help drive your business goals, unlock new opportunities, optimise processes that were previously failing to deliver or exceeding budget, and find ways to reduce your costs significantly. If you want just a little additional help and expertise, you urgently need digging out of a logistical hole, or anything in between, let us know.

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