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Auxilium IT provides secure connections to leading public cloud providers, including leading network, cloud and IT service providers.

Finding the best solution with cloud technology can vary across businesses. Some organisations may require a private cloud, while others will use a hybrid cloud, combining private and public cloud technology, to suit their specific needs. There are also many advantages in choosing a public cloud approach.

Public cloud advantages

Public cloud is the most widely adopted cloud computing model. The public cloud provides users with internet access to a wide range of services, including servers, infrastructure, and storage. Cloud service providers own and manage the necessary hardware which they offer to their uses on an on-demand basis. As multiple users share the hardware resources, costs are low with users paying only for the services they use, usually on a pay-as-you-go model.

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Some of the main benefits of the public cloud include:


Businesses pay for the resources they use, eliminating the need to invest in hardware such as servers and storage. You also save on maintenance costs.

Easy to use

Setting up and running public cloud services is relatively easy and well within the capability of most businesses.

You don’t need an expensive IT team

Good IT teams are costly and hard to find. With a public cloud, you don’t need one.

Scaleability and no long term contracts

You just pay for what you use. If you need more, you buy more, but if your needs reduce, you simply buy less – you are not tied into long-term contracts.

Global access at any time

Your public cloud services are available on any connected device at any time anywhere, and you can select the geography of the data centres you need to comply with regulations.

Connect to the cloud securely

The main concern that most businesses have is the security of their connections to the public cloud. Connecting to cloud platforms with standard internet access is a weak link in the chain. While security is the primary concern, reliability and latency are also issues.

There are various alternative ways of connecting to the cloud. These include:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – the advantage is that your data is encrypted during transport, so it is safe from interception.
  • Direct connection services – we can set up private links to leading public cloud providers, including leading network, cloud and IT service providers. The advantages include faster data throughput, predictable high performance, security, and guaranteed availability. 

If you would like to learn more about how Auxilium IT provides secure connections to the public cloud, talk to us.

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